Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bowling cake

Title: Coolest Duckpin bowling party ever! We just had a party for my son and daughter at Devon Duckpin Bowling here in Milford. They had a wonderful time with all of thier friends!!! Said it was so cool they want to do it again next year! It is a family run party spot that I would personally recommend checking out for your kids party if you are in the area. Pricing is reasonable for what you get for a party too! (For more info you can see my wedding and party directory on my website)I made up custom invites and favors for them of course. This year they "ordered" from Mom... bowling pin and bowling ball invitations in scooby doo and spiderman themes. Minis to go into treat bags also had to match. I also had to make a cake that went along with their theme too. I created a bowling alley cake for the occaision. 2 boxes of cake mix2 frosting containers2 different color yo go roll boxes2 boxes of sugar wafersI also printed out bowling pins that I had created for thier invitations and stuck them onto bamboo skewers and into the cake in bowling pin formation.I printed out small bowling balls and pasted them on the ball return part of the cake and also the middle of each alley.

Kandeemaam's over the top b day cake

Monday, February 4, 2008

Where to find me in Milford CT

A catalog of our wedding invitations and favors will be able to be seen live and in person at Wild Expressions Florist and Gift Shoppe in Milford. The catalog book will be available at the end of February. Details to follow!!

YIPPEE! Office is complete!!!

At last the office is ready to work in!!! It is soo good to be able to get stuff done without the kids coming in all the time!!! Plenty of storage space for all my papers, candy and ect. A cutting table and assembly area and it's beautiful too! Tera cotta floor tiles, sage green venetian plaster, wood everywhere else!

New Office Sept 27 2007

I am so excited about my new office. My husband has taken out walls and windows in our sunroom and re done them so there is only 2 windows, and a sliding door to the backyard for our kids. I am so lucky to have married a carpenter! This has been a work in progress since the summer and I can not wait to move in and be able to work in a quieter room. Currently the kids run through our dining room where unfortunately most of the office stuff is. Yes, they do this even though they have a playroom downstairs. I origionally wanted to add 4 feet onto the sunroom, but it would have taken up alot of time waiting for the cash to do it that way. I drew designs up for it myself and my husband rebuilt it for me! I did venetian plaster on the walls in a sage green color, and we have terra cotta tile down on the floor. I have been staining and polyurethaning the wood trim for the windows and door for the past 2 days. With the 2 good windows instead of 10 storm windows that were already there, it is much cooler in the summer. The first year we moved here I tried to work out there but it was way too hot and had the greenhouse effect really bad. Trying to be out there was not an option in the winter since there was no heat and the glass storm windows let the winter wind inside. I am hoping to have this all done by mid october and have heat all set in there so I can at last be able to hear myself think.